ADT Launches Its 2020-21 Youth Programming LIVE from Mali--West African Dance class taught by Solo, at Comfort Elementary in Jones County Friday afternoon, December 4!! (Using ZOOM--a simultaneous showing for 8 classes & off campus students!)
Solo (Souleymane Sana) is a famous dancer and teacher who shares his love of dance by teaching in Mali, West Africa and in the United States as well as other countries. He is a US Citizen, currently living in Bamako, the capital of Mali in western Africa. He also resides in New Bern, NC. "On behalf of Jones County Public Schools, I would like to thank you for providing this wonderful opportunity to our students! Solo is amazing and the positive energy he brings is much needed at this time."  Bryce Marquis, Director of Educational Programs, Jones County Schools. "I want to say what a total pleasure it was to be at Comfort Elementary today. I was extremely impressed with everyone I came in contact with at the school from start to finish. The children were engaged and asked some of the most thoughtful questions of Solo at the end. They were joyful as they danced and laughed. Happiness was everywhere, which was the goal! Solo was a wonderful, fun, engaging teacher not to mention entertaining, kind and amazing to watch! We at Atlantic Dance Theatre, with your help and cooperation, are so pleased to be able to bring such joy to these children. Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for the organization from all parties. You made my weekend!" Kindest regards and thanks, Joan Taylor, ADT board member. ADT thanks Bryce Marquis and Stella Downs, Principal at Comfort Elementary School, as well as Joan Taylor and Zyck Baggett for amazing planning and implementation. What a wonderful day this was and an amazing school. ADT thanks the Harold H. Bate Foundation, Inc. and our individual donors for supporting this project. Also thank you to Bob Mackowski and a Craven Community College, Small Business Council grant for photos and video! Thank you all...Elizabeth Pope for ADT.